Barrhaven BIA 2022 Annual General Meeting

Thank you for joining us at our 2022 Annual General Meeting!

Please follow along here to review all the necessary documents.

1) Welcome Video – I Love Barrhaven

2) Welcome to the BBIA 2022 AGM

Official welcome from Executive Director Andrea Steenbakkers.


to Call the 2022 AGM to Order


to Adopt Today’s Agenda

5) Declarations of Conflicts of Interest


to Adopt the 2021 AGM Minutes

7) Annual Chair’s Address

The full address from Chair Jason MacDonald can be found in our Annual Report.

8) Presentation Video – Marketing and Smart Growth

To review our full 2022 Annual Report, CLICK HERE.

9) Economic Development Video

10) Presentation of Financials:

Presentation by Treasurer Marlene Grant.

MOTION: To Accept the 2021 Audited Financial Statement

MOTION: To Accept the 2022 Financial Report and 2023 Budget

11) Approval of the BBIA Constitutional Amendments

8. Board Composition

The affairs of the Barrhaven BIA shall be governed by a Board of
Managers (sometimes called the “Board”). The Board shall be
composed of:

i. Ten (10) members, nominated by the membership at the Annual
General Meeting and subsequently approved by City Council of
the City of Ottawa, of which two-thirds of the Members shall be
from the Property Owner and/or Tenant groups; and
ii. Up to two (2) city councillors, appointed by city council.

Note: the previous Constitution said 3 as Barrhaven had 3 Councillors
prior to the Ward boundary revisions this term.

12) Acclamation of the 2022-2026 Board of Managers

Find out more about our 10 nominees here.

MOTION: to Approve the slate of 10 nominees to the BBIA 2022-2026 Board of Managers

13) Q&A


To Close the Meeting.

Want to view our slideshow again? CLICK HERE.