Barrhaven Optometric Centre

Did you know that Barrhaven Optometric Centre has expanded? After taking over an adjacent unit at 3500 Fallowfield Road last year, the practice has grown from 9 to 13 optometrists with an expanded dispensary and optical showroom to ensure that you find the perfect frames. The space is bright and modern, bringing one of Barrhaven’s oldest businesses into 2023 with style.

Barrhaven Optometric Centre first opened in 1979 and they knew they wanted to be a positive force of change in the community. While the location and spaces may have changed, their commitment to exceptional eye care services has not. If you grew up in Barrhaven, there’s a good chance that you visited Dr. Young or Dr. Berthiaume at one of their original locations on Green Street or Greenbank Road. While both have since retired, their vision and passion has remained a constant at the practice (so much so that Dr. Berthiaume’s daughter, Dr. Élise Berthiaume, is now an optometrist at Barrhaven Optometric Centre!) 

Current partners Dr. Scott McIntosh, Dr. Lora Lee Hardy, and Dr. Trevor Graham believe in both excellence and consistency. With offices in both Barrhaven and Manotick, the team is well-equipped to serve your family to the highest standard. No matter which location you visit, you’ll be met with the same attentive doctors, the same friendly and helpful staff, and the same top-of-the-line eye care technology.

If you haven’t seen the new space, we highly recommend stopping in to see it for yourself. Make an appointment today for an eye exam!

Barrhaven Optometric Centre
3500 Fallowfield Road
(613) 825-3931

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