What’s for Dinner? – The Baker

Tonight we are having the perfect end of week meal – pies from The Baker! This restaurant is a favourite in the community for 2 reasons: the food is delicious and the kindness of the owner. It is a family-run business driven by passion, warmth, and a dedication to their clientele.  The pies feature the exquisite and traditional flavours of the Levantine infused with Western cooking. You have to try them.

The Baker in Barrhaven (January 2022)

Our meal tonight featured a beautiful variety of pies. Not sure what flavour to get? I highly recommend getting a few and sharing! Our family of 3 all have different tastes and it was fun to try a variety! The menu features a variety of flavours along with a great variety of vegetarian options!

Pies from the Baker in Barrhaven (January 2022)

The Sausage & Cheese features beef sausage on a bed of cheese topped with garlic sauce!

The Sausage & Cheese from The Baker in Barrhaven (January 2022)

The Basil Pesto & Halloumi features fresh pesto and tangy halloumi cheese!

The Basil Pesto & Halloumi from The Baker in Barrhaven (January 2022)

The Akkawi Cheese features a soft, white brine cheese and is both creamy and smooth (If you have a child who is a picky eater, this would be a great option! But it’s also one of my favourites as a not-picky adult!)

The Akkawi Cheese from The Baker in Barrhaven (January 2022)

The Roasted Red Pepper features roasted red peppers, sesame, onions, and is topped with cheese for an amazing bright flavour.

The Roasted Red Pepper from The Baker in Barrhaven (January 2022)

The Chicken & Cheese is loaded with chicken breast cutlets, cheese, and garlic sauce.

The Chicken & Cheese from The Baker in Barrhaven (January 2022)

And finally, the Chicken Curry features chicken cutlets on a cheese pie topped with a delicious yellow curry dressing!

The Chicken Curry from The Baker in Barrhaven (January 2022)

To Order the Baker for dinner tonight, check out their website at https://thebaker.ca/ and give them a call to place your order at (613) 843-0000

This is our last official “What’s for Dinner” but we do have something extra special planned for next week – HINT: What comes after dinner? Check back Wednesday!

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@barrhavenbia WHAT’S FOR DINNER? The Baker! Delicious pies make for a great dinner from this #mybarrhaven restaurant! #whatsfordinner #ottawafoodies ♬ Brand New Day – JVKE