What’s for Dinner? – Fiazza Fresh Fired

Tonight’s dinner would be perfect while watching the big game, or for movie night, or for any night of the week! Fiazza Fresh Fired is all about fresh custom pizzas crafted by hand and fired to perfection in their impressive fire oven! It’s all about quality and they source local ingredients to ensure great flavour and healthy options. You can create your own masterpiece through their extensive toppings options or choose on of their signature pizzas (we had one of each!)

Fiazza Fresh Fired in Barrhaven (January 2022)

Tonight we had the Game Night Beer Combo! This is a great meal option for 2 and it features 2 pizzas, 10 wings, and 2 beers – all for $39.95! And most importantly, it doesn’t have to be game night to enjoy this combo (although we hear it does pair rather well with Ottawa Senators game!)

The Game Night Beer Special from Fiazza Fresh Fired in Barrhaven (January 2022)

Our first pizza was a signature pizza – the Picante Calabrese! This pizza comes packed with flavour and toppings! It features the Fiazza red sauce, Fiazza cheese blend, button mushrooms, banana peppers, spicy genoa salami, local spicy Italian sausage, chilli flakes, and Kalamata olives! Just the perfect amount of heat!

The Picante Calabrese Pizza from Fiazza Fresh Fired in Barrhaven (January 2022)

Our second pizza was a custom creation recommended by the staff (part of the fun is that we don’t pick what we get!) This vegetarian pizza featured Fiazza red sauce, broccoli, the most perfectly roasted garlic cloves, chopped tomato, red onion, and sliced mozzarella! The flavours were fresh and bright and perfectly combined! This should be on their menu!

Custom Pizza featuring broccoli, roasted garlic, tomatoes, red onions, and mozzarella from Fiazza Fresh Fired in Barrhaven (January 2022)

When you think of Fiazza, you likely think of their pizza but did you know that they also make wings? And that the wings are also cooked in the fire oven? I feel like this is needs to be yelled from the rooftops! We had the Herb Chicken Wings and they were flavourful and juicy – the herb flavour combined with the smokiness from the oven made for something pretty special!

Herb Chicken Wings from Fiazza Fresh Fired in Barrhaven (January 2022)

This combo also comes with 2 beers and we had a chance to sample the Cotto Fresco Italian Lager! This beer is a collaboration between Fiazza Fresh Fired and Kichesippi Beer Company. It was developed to pair perfectly with pizza and it hits the mark. Cotto Fresco is Italian for Fresh Cooked (or Fresh Fired) and this beer offers a crisp, clean finish. If beer is your thing, I highly recommend this addition to any order.

Cotto Fresco Italian Lagers from Fiazza Fresh Fired in Barrhaven (January 2022)

To order Fiazza Fresh Fired for dinner tonight, please visit https://fiazza.ca/

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