What’s for Dessert? – Anabia Cupcakery Café

What comes after dinner? Dessert of course! Include Anabia Cupcakery Café in your plans by picking up some cupcakes or treats to complete any meal! Whether it’s a special occasion or a Wednesday, you can’t go wrong with these amazing desserts!

We selected 6 cupcakes along with a few treats (brownie, butter tart, and pecan square!) All were so delicious and fresh! The biggest challenge is deciding what to get!

Anabia also features a great selection of vegan and gluten free cupcakes! 2 of the cupcakes were both vegan and gluten-free (and you’d never be able to guess which ones!)

To pick up your own Anabia Cupcakes, stop by and see them at 3570 Strandherd! More info can be found at https://anabia.ca/

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@barrhavenbia WHAT’S FOR DESSERT? Anabia Cupcakery Café in #MyBarrhaven! Great selection of cupcakes and treats! Too hard to pick just one! #dessert #cupcakes ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music