What’s For Dinner? – Mad Radish

What’s for Dinner? Quick Bites! Looking for something great to eat while on the go or to bring home to enjoy! There are many great Barrhaven take out restaurants offering unique flavours and great food! Check back every Friday for a new Quick Bite!

Have you tried Mad Radish yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Mad Radish offers delicious warm hearty bowls that combine the best flavours and fresh ingredients that you can feel good about! It’s more than just a salad! Also, when it comes to Quick Bites, it doesn’t get any easier than this – order on their intuitive and easy to use app and grab your order off the shelf when you arrive! Quick and easy!

Today’s Quick Bites features 2 of their many bowls and a snack to go with it! Each bowl on the menu is unique and the flavour combinations are out of this world. Once you’ve tried them, it’s hard to pick just one! These are just 2 of the many options!

The Piri-Piri Bowl is the perfect mix of spice and freshness. This bowl features Mad Radish’s Piri-Piri chicken or tofu (both are out of this world!), roasted sweet potato, Peppadew peppers, carrot, cabbage slaw, corn nuts, and piri-piri dressing all on a base of brown rice and mixed greens! You get the spice from the peppers and piri-piri but the sweet potatoes and carrots balance it out with a cooling sweetness! Every bite is different and you may even want to lick the bowl!

The Crispy Taco Salad comes with fresh avocado (I watched him slice it in!), cilantro roast corn, black beans, cheddar cheese, red onion, tortilla strips, Tajin spice and maple chipotle dressing on mixed greens. We added some Luisa’s chicken to complete this perfect bowl. If you love tacos, this is the perfect bowl for you! Everything was so fresh and the sweet and spicy maple chipotle dressing brought everything together!

As a lover of guacamole, I can’t get enough of it from Mad Radish! It’s featured in their Luisa’s burritos and bowls but you can also get it as a side with plantain chips to dip! The guac is house made and that freshness is what makes it! It’s the perfect mix of creamy avocado, red onion, jalepeno, cilantro, lime juice, salt and pepper! The subtle sweetness of the thing cut plantain chips made fore the perfect combo!

Stop by and check out Mad Radish for yourself at 34 Highbury Park Drive! You won’t regret it!

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