More Than Just Caps: The Clubhouse

Located at 896 Greenbank Road, Clubhouse is adapting to the times and creating something fresh and exciting in apparel. For years, Clubhouse was the source of licensed sports apparel in Ottawa. With multiple locations, sports fans were able to find that coveted jersey or hat from their favourite team. Over time, big box stores and online shopping changed the market; Clubhouse has evolved into something different, something unlike any other store in the city. While they still carry some licensed items, owner Chris Torti has shifted the focus towards custom embroidery and his own lines of apparel; the result is high quality and exciting designs that are both unique and trend-setting.

Torti, a passionate perfectionist, has created collections that are second to none in quality and style. His very popular REPRESENT SIX ONE 3 collection offers the chance to show your hometown Ottawa pride in a way this city has never seen before. The Country Heritage collection provides buyers with beautiful pieces customized to the country of your choice; “from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe”, they’ve got you covered. If you’d like to show your Canadian pride, check out their Mighty Maple collection with a variety of styles and colours focused on just that, our mighty maple!  As we head into St. Patrick’s Day, he also has an amazing Irish collection (sold year round due to popularity) which will ensure that you are ready to celebrate the night away in style! All designs are created on site and can be customized. Don’t see your size on the rack? No problem, one can be made for you in a matter of minutes.

On top of their collections, Clubhouse also do custom embroidery and vinyl. Whether it’s for businesses or teams, clients are delivered pieces of the highest quality every single time. Designs and digitizing are done on site as well and Torti ensures every project gets the highest level of attention to detail. His clients return time and again for this high level of service. Stop in or contact them today to see if they can help you with your project!