Barrhaven BIA in Support of the Balanced Option for the City of Ottawa’s Residential Growth Management Strategy

As part of drafting its new Official Plan, the City of Ottawa is trying to determine how to best plan for the
additional 400,000 people who will live here by 2046. The Barrhaven Business Improvement Area (BBIA)
recently submitted a report to the City of Ottawa’s Planning and ARAC Committees in support of the Balanced
Scenario in the Residential Growth Management Strategy for the new Official Plan. This Balanced option,
being recommended by City staff, offers ambitious intensification rates and will ensure that there is more
growth through intensification, surpassing current targets. The infill and intensification would be balanced by a
modest expansion of the current urban boundary (about 1650 Ha over the next 25 years).

Read the Barrhaven BIA Presentation.

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