Get Out and Vote Barrhaven!

As we approach Ottawa’s municipal elections, the Barrhaven Business Improvement Area encourages all Barrhaven residents, business leaders and workers to ask local candidates for Barrhaven-West Ward 3, Barrhaven-East Ward 24 and Mayor about their key priorities and make an informed choice.  Most importantly, we need local residents to VOTE on October 24, 2022. Ensure that Barrhaven’s priorities are heard! Support Barrhaven by taking the time to vote!

The Barrhaven BIA has compiled the following priorities for residents and business owners in Barrhaven and we encourage everyone to keep these in mind as they consider our local candidates.

Vote for Better Roads.

Transportation – Infrastructure.

City infrastructure improvements can impact community safety and well-being – road improvements, pothole repairs, widening sidewalks, multi-use pathways, bike lanes, enhanced accessibility, and more.

    • For areas experiencing continued growth, like in Barrhaven, how will the next council support the increased number of residents in our community?
    • Ensure roads keep pace to support the increased number of residents: Greenbank South realignment must be prioritized and included in the budget.
    • Roads need to be maintained more regularly due to increased traffic.
    • Improve Hydro grid as required, install more EV charging stations and work with other levels of government to financially incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles.

Vote for Better Public Transit.

Transportation – Public Transit.

  • Business productivity gained from access to broader labour markets with more diverse skills is enabled by expanded public transit service areas and reduced traffic congestion.
  • OC Transpo bus network needs better bus service and connectivity within Barrhaven so residents can shop, dine and obtain services locally. These sectors also need efficient transit service in Barrhaven to get employees to work. This is critical for staff attraction and retention.
  • Getting to the urban core from Barrhaven takes over an hour. It can be up to 1.5 hours one way to get from Barrhaven to Kanata North or to our universities. It takes longer now than it did before LRT. Transit is extremely unreliable. Service and convenience need to improve to increase ridership.

Vote for Sustainable and Affordable Housing.

A neighbourhood’s resilience depends on ensuring that community members can continue to live and work nearby. Affordable housing is critical to attract and retain a labour market in various sectors.

    • Increase the accessibility and affordability of homes.
    • Streamline the development approval processes, removing barriers, and incentivizing strategic city building to increase inventory and positively impact the market pricing of homes.
    • Advocate for adequate funding to build housing that addresses the growing demands for people and families who require social support.

Vote to Support Our Businesses.

Economic Development and Small Business Support.

  • The pandemic saw a focus in our city on economic development to aid in the rebound and recovery of businesses.  BIAs would like to continue to see city program reviews with an economic development lens.  We hope to continue consultation on city programs – ie. leadership table mental health, community safety and wellbeing, climate resilience, etc.
  • Prioritize reducing Red Tape burdens on small businesses.

Vote for Safety.

  • Increased police community-based presence (funding and station).
  • Investment in more traffic and speed calming measures (arterial “racing”, residential speeding, pedestrian crossings, traffic circles).

Vote for Barrhaven’s Downtown.

  • Expedite and keep our new Library/Arts and Cultural facility on budget and on time. This anchor building will be the catalyst to our Barrhaven Downtown development.
  • In a good neighbourhood, the ground floors of buildings work symbiotically with the surrounding sidewalks and public spaces. Together they provide a continuous network of pathways and experiences that are active, safe, comfortable and engaging.
  • Ground-level commercial space is important for a variety of reasons. It increases pedestrian comfort (active space is safer), drives district desirability, and serves as an additional tax base. A successful ground-level commercial space creates place for the users of the building and surrounding neighbourhood to visit through interior and façade design and a proper tenant mix.