Many businesses in #MyBarrhaven are making the difficult decision to close their doors temporarily for the health and safety of their customers, employees, and the greater community. These small businesses are facing enormous challenges in the coming days, weeks, and months and they need our support.

We would like to encourage you to #shoplocal with some of our many businesses that offer gift cards or merchandise through online e-commerce platforms. This will improve cashflow for these businesses which will assist them greatly through this challenging time.

Our Barrhaven businesses need your support! Please take a moment to check out what they are offering online. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Buy a gift card for use once all of this has passed

  • Order merchandise from their online stores

Let’s work together to help our local business owners through this unprecedented challenging time.

BUSINESS OWNERS: If you would like to have your business added to this page, please email marketing@barrhavenbia.ca

Businesses Offering Gift Cards, Memberships, or Merchandise Online:

Please support our local businesses by purchasing a gift card or membership to be used once they reopen or by ordering merchandise.

Shop Local: What’s Open?

Many Barrhaven businesses are now open and many have adapted their business models to serve our community. We encourage you to #shoplocal in #mybarrhaven! Take steps to minimize the risk through physical distancing, online ordering, delivery, or curb-side pick up and always wash your hands for 20 seconds after going out or coming in contact with a product that has been delivered.

Here is a summary of the status of different sectors in Barrhaven. Please understand that this is a very fluid situation and many businesses are making decisions on a daily basis; for this reason we encourage you to call ahead to ensure that the business is open before heading out. All Barrhaven businesses are listed in the Barrhaven BIA DirectoryWe encourage you to check it out; with approximately 500 businesses in Barrhaven, you may be surprised what our community has to offer.



Retail businesses in Ontario are currently allowed to be open with physical distancing measures in place. This may look different depending on the business but customers can expect to see a variety of measures in place including limiting the number of people inside, directional arrows, and other safety measures. Some businesses may not have fully reopened so please make sure to call ahead before heading out.

Barrhaven BIA Directory

Please use the following links to find out more about local Barrhaven businesses.


Shopping Etiquette Courtesy of Ottawa Public Health

You must stay home if you have symptoms.

If you must go to stores for essentials, always practice physical distancing – stay 2 metres (6 feet) away from others.

Stores are keeping up with new information and carefully changing how they operate to protect customers, staff, and their families.

  • Be patient – Controlling the number of people allowed in a store at one time increases physical distancing.
  • Follow Store Signs  – Designated aisles may have become one-way, with markings on the floor. Listen to store staff. They are trained on precautions and want to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Shop alone – Fewer people in the store allows for easier physical distancing and less people potentially exposed to the virus.
  • Have a detailed list – Organize your list by aisle to limit your time in the store and traffic within the store. Avoid lingering in the aisles.
  • Take only what you need – Get enough supplies for 2 weeks in cause you or a family member get ill.
  • Be understanding – Some products may be less available.
  • Shop with you eyes – Avoid touching items that you do not intend to buy.
  • Be patient at the cash – Some stores may close every other cash to allow for physical distancing. Wait your turn. After placing your items on the conveyor belt, move to the end of the conveyor belt. Do not wait in front of or near the cashier.
  • Use clean bags – If you are allowed to use your own bags, make sure they are clean. Stores may only allow staff to pack items using store-provided bags.
  • Pay with plastic – Use tap if you can and avoid paying with cash to reduce the surfaces you touch and decrease money exchanges.

For more information on safe practices while shopping from Ottawa Public Health, click here.



Restaurants and food services businesses in Ontario are currently allowed to be open for take out, delivery, and patio dining. At this time, dining indoors is not permitted and patios may have limited seating to allow for proper distancing. It is advised that you call ahead and make a reservation or place an order online or over the phone if you would like to pick up take out food. Some businesses have limited hours and services so it is always best to call ahead before heading out.

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Health services including doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and many other businesses are permitted to reopen. Depending on the nature of the service, there may be limitations on what the health provider is able to do, as defined by their individual regulatory college. All are providing emergency appointments and many continue to provide virtual appointments, where possible. All are asking that everyone book appointments and not just arrive as a walk in.

Please contact your health services provider for more information on their services and to book an appointment.

Barrhaven BIA Directory

Please note, gyms and fitness related businesses listed under the Health section of BBIA Directory are currently not permitted to reopen.



Professional services in Ontario are permitted to be open but keep in mind that many are operating a little differently that they were prior to COVID-19. Virtual appointments and additional safety measures are common so please reach out to your professional service provider before heading out.

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Child related businesses cover a wide variety of sectors and while some have been able to reopen, others remain closed:

  • Retail stores selling clothes, toys, and other child related equipment are currently allowed to be open, with restrictions in place for physical distancing.
  • Child care centres are allowed to be open, at reduced capacity and with many strict measures in place.
  • Summer camps are allowed to operate with reduced numbers and additional measures in place.
  • Children’s recreation and fitness related businesses, including music lessons, martial arts, arts centres, and tech related programs, are currently not allowed to open in Ontario but many have online offerings to keep children engaged.


Barrhaven BIA Directory

Hair and Esthetics Businesses


Hair and Esthetic businesses in Ontario are currently permitted to be open with strict distancing measures along with PPE. Some services are currently not permitted, specifically those that are done to the face: facials, eye brow waxing, make up application, and more. Most of these businesses are currently operating as appointment only so please reach out to them before arriving.

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Entertainment Businesses


Entertainment related businesses in the province of Ontario are, for the most part, forced to be closed. Large gatherings are prohibited. Some are offering new and exciting online experiences though, so check out their websites and social media pages.

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Automotive related businesses, including service and sales, are currently permitted to be open in the province of Ontario. Many are offering a variety of options to customers to limit contact and keep everyone safe. Please reach out to the business before you visit to find out more.

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At this time, gym and fitness related businesses in Ontario are not permitted to reopen to the public. Some are offering online classes and we encourage you to check their websites and social media channels for more information.

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Pet care businesses, including veterinary care and pet supply stores, are currently permitted to be open in the province of Ontario. Pet supply stores will be operating similarly to all retail with restrictions in place to ensure physical distancing. Veterinary services may vary depending on location; some may be making appointments “pet only” and restricting access. Please call ahead to understand procedures.

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