Khokha Eatery- The Epitome of the Cultural Mosaic 

Khokha Eatery is a Pakistani restaurant that serves a variety of Pakistani and Canadian-Pakistani fusion dishes. Khokha is located right here in Barrhaven at 605 Longfields Drive.

Restaurant History

The owners of Khokha, Zubair and Zermina, moved to Ottawa and believed that Barrhaven would be the perfect place to open the restaurant of their dreams. As they previously lived in Toronto, Zubair and Zermina recognized that most people used to travel all the way to Toronto just to purchase and bring back ethnic food. They realized that Ottawa was the perfect place to bring in the diverse food and cultural ambience of their restaurant. 

Cultural Impact

In Canada we believe in having a cultural mosaic. Canada has many different people of many different cultures and ethnicities. The cultural mosaic ideology encourages multiculturalism as Canadians are encouraged to practice and show off their own unique culture. Khokha’s logo embodies the idea of a cultural mosaic as it shows the Pakistani culture (which is represented by a peacock) merging with Canadian culture (which is represented by the maple leaf)

When opening Khokha, Zubair and Zermina wanted to use their restaurant to introduce people to the Pakistani culture by projecting their culture through the artwork, cuisine and overall ambience of the restaurant. The interior design of the restaurant is filled with many cultural artifacts, vibrant colours and beautiful artwork that truly enhances the dining experience. 

Through their cuisine, Khokha offers many fusion dishes in order to provide a taste of their ethnic cuisine while still giving consumers a chance to eat some of their favorite Canadian comfort food. Zubair and Zermina love the concept of these fusion dishes as their consumers are introduced to Pakistani culture through the taste of the cuisine without feeling overwhelmed. 


The Khokha Car Truck Art

Zubair and Zermina wanted to create a form of advertisement to promote their restaurant and decided to project their deep love of artwork and promote their business and culture through truck art. Khokha’s beautiful truck is covered in vibrant colors and beautiful designs. As the restaurant’s theme and design has received positive feedback, the truck is bound to capture attention from many consumers on the road. Zubair and Zermina hope that the beautiful artwork on the truck will help put a smile on peoples faces, build a bit of intrigue about the Pakistani culture and ultimately, bring more consumers into their store. 

Community Recognition 

Khokha offers 10% off any purchase for students, teachers, healthcare workers, military and seniors. Khokha makes sure it always looks out for their groups of people in order to emphasize their contribution and role in the community!

Next time you are craving something new, make sure to check out Khokha Eatery for a full dining and cultural experience! Keep an eye out for Khokha’s truck on the roads of Barrhaven. Seeing the beautiful artwork and designs will be a highlight of your day and something you will not soon forget!

@barrhavenbiaKhokha eatery projects Pakistani culture through the artwork, cuisine and overall ambience of the restaurant. They have recently added beautiful truck art to their vehicle to help promote both the culture and restaurant all over Barrhaven. Visit to learn more about Khokha eatery and their brand new truck art!

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