NEW! Transportation Master Plan: Important Survey to have your say on Roads and Transit in Barrhaven

Residents are now invited to provide feedback on the draft set of evaluation criteria that will be used to evaluate future road and transit projects. Additional information on this engagement opportunity can be found here.  This feedback will determine the methodologies that will be used to score future road and transit projects in Part 2 of the TMP, the Capital Infrastructure PlanHighest scoring projects will be prioritized for implementation and lowest scoring projects will not be pursued. 

For consideration- to best advocate for Barrhaven when completing the surveys;

  1. Please note when completing your surveys that Barrhaven is NOT considered a “TMP priority neighbourhood”
  2. When thinking about what we need for Barrhaven ROADS consider giving high scores to “mobility needs”.  South Barrhaven continues to grow rapidly.  The current south Greenbank Road and bridge cannot service this load. Residents are cut off from shopping, school and work. Pedestrian and vehicular access to St. Joseph High School is perilous.  We need to fast-track the Greenbank Road realignment.
  3. When thinking about what we need for Barrhaven TRANSIT consider giving high scores to “service improvement”. Commuters, like Carleton University students and Kanata North Tech Park workers, take 2-3 buses and spend up to 90 minutes travelling each way, every day. Residents cannot even get around Barrhaven efficiently, using one bus route. We need better, efficient and alternative transit options if we want residents to use them.
  4. Let’s not allow cost and other external considerations to continue to dictate the pace at which these critical investments are made in our ever-growing community.  These projects have LONG been outpaced by our rapid growth.

The proposed evaluation criteria can be found at these links, as well as the surveys. It is quick and easy to participate (each survey takes less than 3 minutes).
Road Project Evaluation Criteria
Transit Project Evaluation Criteria

This consultation will only be open until June 30th. Please visit the project website for further updates. Should you have further questions or comments please email


It is imperative that residents understand that projects and priorities that score LOW during the TMP process will not receive priority funding and may even be eliminated from the TMP.  Historically, the urban areas tend to have a lot of presentation for public consultations which drastically skews the data.  We are a community of 100,000 people and we cannot continue to be underserviced. We need to come together as residents and businesses and advocate clearly and effectively for our critical infrastructure needs!

  1. Follow the Barrhaven BIA on Facebook and Instagram for more information as the TMP process continues.
  2. We need all residents to participate, so share widely with friends, family and neighbours.
  3. Stay in touch!  Reach out to us.  Help us activate the community. One Message | Many Voices!