What’s for Dinner? – The Works

Tonight’s dinner is a real treat for burger lovers! The Works is know for their amazing and creative burgers and we got to sample a couple. With so many options, it can definitely be difficult to pick just one and honestly, letting the restaurant pick is a really fun option in this case! These were two menu items that we had no tried but agreed that we would definitely get again!

The Works Barrhaven (January 2022)

We had the Tragically Maple Burger with a side of Tragically Poutine and a Son of a Beech Burger (with a wagyu beef patty) and Spicy Die Cut Chips (with an assortment of dips!). This was an amazing meal. Perfect for a nice meal at home on a cold winter’s night!

Dinner from the Works in Barrhaven (January 2022)

The Tragically Maple Burger is a show-stopper and honestly, could there be a more Canadian sounding name? This burger features an 8oz beef patty topped with 3 strips of bacon, house-made maple bacon jam, bacon sticks, Canadian Cheese Curds, arugula, and bacon roasted garlic aioli! This burger is a bacon lovers dream (so everyone’s dream) and the flavours come together perfectly! The arugula provides a nice fresh contrast to the rich (and bacony, is that a word?) flavours! Paired with the Tragically Poutine, I’m not sure life gets any better than this! Fresh cut fries, cheese curds, & gravy topped with (you guessed it) crumbled maple bacon, bacon sticks, and a drizzle of bacon roasted garlic aioli!

The Tragically Maple Burger and the Tragically Poutine from the The Works in Barrhaven (January 2022)

The Son of a Beech burger is a classic on the Works menu and I can see why! Avocado, their famous Beechhouse sauce, sundried tomato & feta make for the perfect burger topping combination. This burger was upgraded with a Kobe-style Wagyu Beef patty which is 100% worth the upgrade (which says a lot given how good the regular beef patties are! This is a delicious burger. Paired with the die cut chips and a variety of sauces (you have to try the Beechhouse!), this was also a great meal.

The Son of a Beech Burger and Die-Cut Chips from The Works in Barrhaven (January 2022)

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