What’s for Dinner? – Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen

This dinner was a real treat and featured great Greek flavours from start to finish! Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen is a Barrhaven favourite and their food is next level. Whether you are looking for amazing meals for a date night at home or something to bring the family together, their menu is perfect.

Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen in Barrhaven (January 2022)

We were treated to an amazing dinner for two – perfect for a mid-week date night! Set the stage with candles and wine in order to make it special. The ambiance at Pinelopi’s is something special so we did our best to recreate that at home!

Dinner from Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen in Barrhaven (January 2022)

Our first entrée was the very popular Chicken Souklaki. This dish features a perfectly cooked and seasoned chicken skewer along with rice, potatoes, and veggies along with their amazing house-made tzatziki. This dish take the traditional Greek classic to another level. It’s fine dining with a comfort food that you know and love.

Chicken Souvlaki from Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen (January 2022)

The second entrée was the Gnocchi Mykonos. Each bite provided an explosion of flavour from the potato pasta, baby spinach, and roasted peppers in goat cheese cream sauce. This dish was beautiful to look it with the bright and vibrant colours and the flavours matched the visual appeal – bright and vibrant. This is a true gem on the menu!

Gnocchi Mykonos from Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen (January 2022)

Make it a special night tonight and order Pinelopi’s! Check out their website at https://www.pinelopis.com/ for all the details!

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