What’s for Dinner? – Broadway Bar & Grill

Football playoffs are here! This may be the time of the year where many would normally flock to their favourite pub or sports bar to cheer on their team! With that not being an option this year, we encourage you to bring it home with an amazing meal from a local fave! Broadway Bar & Grill have pulled out all the stops to provide the perfect pairings for at home game watching! Cheer on your team with pub classics and great shareables! While we can’t promise that your team will win, we can guarantee that great takeout from Broadways!

Broadway Bar & Grill in Barrhaven (January 2022)

This meal was perfect to snack on throughout the evening! With generous portions and a mixture of flavours, it was hard not to go back for seconds (and even thirds!) We set it up as a mini buffet which worked great for this casual style meal eaten on the couch in front of the tv!

Game Day Feast from Broadway Bar & Grill in Barrhaven (January 2022)

You can’t watch football without Chicken Wings (I feel like this may be a law!) and these wings did not disappoint! Doused in the most delicious Forty Creek BBQ sauce, they were both sweet and spicy. Paired with sour cream, these didn’t last long on our table!

Wings from Broadway Bar & Grill in Barrhaven (January 2022)

Up next was another game day classic: Nachos! These nachos came loaded with chicken, salsa, sharp Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, jalapeños (my fave!) and of course, sour cream for dipping. Hot and crispy, these were perfectly cooked!

Nachos from Broadway Bar & Grill in Barrhaven (January 2022)

The Chicken Souvlaki Pita Platter combines fresh and bright greek flavours! This was so great after the spicy and savoury wings and nachos! The pita wrap is filled with the most deliciously seasoned chicken, tzatziki, tomato, onion, and green peppers. Paired with rice and Greek Salad, it was perfect! We cut the pita in half to share as part of our more snacking focused meal but I will definitely order this again just for dinner on its own!

The Chicken Souvlaki Pitta Platter from Broadway Bar & Grill Barrhaven (January 2022)

Broadway is also known for their breakfast but did you know that they offer certain breakfast items all day long? As a cool additional side, we were provided with home fries and honestly, this was a great addition! Crispy and flavourful they fit in perfectly for this meal!

Home fries from Broadway Bar & Grill Barrhaven (January 2022)

Finally, for dessert we had the Caramel Carrot Cheesecake! There are no words for this decadent dessert. Please just try it for yourself! It is out of this world.

Caramel Carrot Cheesecake from Broadway Bar & Grill (January 2022)

To bring Broadway home for your game night, check out their website at https://www.broadwaybarandgrill.ca/

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