Code Ninjas Barrhaven

Are your kids into gaming? Do they want to make their own games or mods? Not sure where to start (or, let’s be honest, what that even means)? Code Ninjas Barrhaven is an amazing place where kids can do just that, and so much more! With a variety of programs, events, and camps, Code Ninjas Barrhaven has something for everyone!

Code Ninjas Barrhaven officially opened its doors in July of 2020 and this summer as the restriction lift, they are ready to help your child learn about coding in a safe environment. Children learn a variety of languages, including Java and Python, and work with many familiar programs like Scratch, Minecraft, and Roblox as they work through the Code Ninjas curriculum. Like a martial arts school, the ninjas work at different belt levels while leadership, problem solving, and creativity are fostered throughout. When fun and learning are combined, the possibilities are endless!

Stop by and see Moe and his team at Code Ninjas Barrhaven. The dojo is conveniently located at 34 Highbury Park Drive! For more information, please visit