Douvris Martial Arts

What’s better than watching your child succeed at a sport they love? Working alongside them everyday to bring that passion to other people! Sensei’s Martina and Sebastian Couture own and teach classes at Douvris Martial Arts, located at 3780 Fallowfield Rd.

Sensei Martina started practicing karate when she was 40yrs old after raising her 2 children. Both of her kids attended another Douvris dojo and one day, the Sensei told her to put on a uniform and hit the mat and she hasn’t looked back since! Now her and Sebastian, along with her younger son, strive everyday to make Douvris not just a gym but a big family running a family business. They have added their own personal touch, working to make everyone feel welcome. They check in with everyone, making sure that they are getting what they need. They don’t just teach kicks and punches; they teach values, optimism and self-discipline and of course, fun!

Douvris Martial Arts is open to everyone. They offer all levels of karate as well as fitness programs. Both Sensei Martina and Sensei Sebastian are certified as Personal Trainers and can work with individuals to modify any fitness program to make it work the best for them. All of their karate instructors continue to compete internationally and all are gold medal recipients at the Karate Championships. One of the programs they are most proud of is their Leadership Program. When students achieve the intermediate levels, they have the opportunity to help teach the younger aged classes, as well as helping out with March Break and summer camps. The staff work with the older students to teach them how to be positive role models and mentors. This program allows them to learn how to deal with the demands placed on them in everyday life and how to juggle several responsibilities.

Douvris Martial Arts is celebrating 35years in October so this is not a new company. The values instilled are long term and the instructors are lifetime karate people. If you are looking for a fantastic sport for yourself or your children or a fun, supportive way to get in shape, check them out. You can see all the programs they offer on their website at or pop in and see them! All are welcome!

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